An image of hip pads.

Recommended gear for playing goalball

Goalball can be fun to play, but like other sports it is recommended that athletes wear proper gear when on the court. The rules of the sport only require athletes to wear eyeshades. Eyeshades are worn by players to create a level playing field which also eliminates any visual advantages. Athletes are not allowed to […]

Opinion: Ravens right letting Lamar Jackson finish Wildcard game

The Baltimore Ravens were eliminated from the NFL postseason after falling to the Los Angeles Chargers 23-17 on Sunday, Jan. 6. Rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson, who was drafted in the first round back in April, made his first playoff start for the Ravens while veteran quarterback Joe Flacco remained on the sideline as the backup. […]

College Goalball 101: How to start your team

The sport of goalball is played at the Paralympic Games, but there are other levels of competition as well. One of the emerging levels of competition for goalball is at the collegiate level. College goalball, as of the time this story was written, does not have a governing body which creates many hurdles for universities interested in […]

Muhammad Waheed throwing a goalball.

What goes through my mind while playing goalball

Photo Credit: Kaylee Davis A lot goes through an athlete’s mind when playing a sport. The athlete likely focuses on strategy, communication and playing correctly. Each sport is different in regards to the thoughts athletes have in their minds while playing. Athletes also differ in how they think and each individual likely has a unique perspective […]

The Sony Square NYC building.

My Sony Square NYC experience

Sony is known for its electronics and entertainment around the globe and brings all of its offerings together in one location known as Sony Square NYC. Sony Square NYC has a showroom that has a variety of products on display. The showroom consists of products currently on the market as well as concepts that are […]

A blue goalball sitting on a gym floor.

Meet the sport of goalball

Ringing bells, blind folded athletes and quiet spectators are just some of the many sights and sounds of goalball. Goalball is a team sport designed for the blind and visually impaired and is now played around the globe. How the sport began The game of goalball wasn’t a worldwide sport when it was first played. […]