My Sony Square NYC experience

Sony is known for its electronics and entertainment around the globe and brings all of its offerings together in one location known as Sony Square NYC.

Sony Square NYC has a showroom that has a variety of products on display. The showroom consists of products currently on the market as well as concepts that are currently in development.

The showroom experience changes every month, according to the Sony Square NYC website.

My visit to Sony Square NYC was on Sunday, Aug. 13 where two prototypes and a variety of current products were on display.

Sony showcased a Bravia TV, PlayStation VR, a variety of camera bodies and lenses, and Xperia smartphones. Some products on display were behind glass while others were out in the open for visitors to explore.

The two prototypes on display were from Sony’s Future Lab Program. The Future Lab Program allows Sony to showcase concept devices to consumers and gain feedback.

The first prototype I experienced was Project N which is a hands free neckband wearable device. Project N is operated by the user’s voice and requires the user to say the command of “listen up Nigel” initiating the hands free operation. The user must then say another command such as “play music” or “check weather” in order to receive a response from the device. Project N also has a camera that is operated by the user’s voice. A user can also ask the wearable to take an image by saying “take picture” and a camera will pop out of the neckband to take a picture. Project N responded quickly to the commands I gave it and background noise did not disrupt the hands free experience.

The second prototype on display was Project T which projects interactive images onto a table and allows for touch input from the user. Project T allows users to become immersed into the item being projected such as book. The demo I experienced required the user to place a book on the table. The book would then light up and the user could select an item in the book by simply tapping on it. The demo I took part in allowed me to tap on a character named Alice. I could move Alice anywhere on the table after tapping on her in the book. The projections of images were bright and vivid with the touch responses being very fluid and natural.

The staff at Sony Square NYC are very knowledgeable about the products on display. Staff members are even willing to take feedback from consumers regarding prototypes and products that are currently on the market.

Sony Square NYC will appeal to anyone interested in technology and entertainment. Sony’s showroom at Sony Square NYC is an exciting place to visit as visitors get to interact with products that are currently available for purchase or are currently in development. Knowledgeable staff willing to take consumer feedback can also add to the experience. Sony Square NYC should always be an interesting place to visit for anyone interested in technology as the showroom gets experience changes every month.

By Muhammad K. Waheed

I enjoy sports, technology, and writing.

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